The Abbey’s New Manager

14 January 2016

The phone rings and its Kerry our Group Manager on the line:

“Emma I need to arrange a meeting with you, are you free Friday morning?”

“Of course” I say, “is everything okay?”

“Yep everything’s fine we will discuss it Friday.”

After our quick phone call my stomach begins to somersault what does she need to talk to me for? A million thoughts rush through my head.

Friday arrives. I nervously knock on the door my heart racing and my stomach churning. She greets me with a smile.

“Take a seat I won’t be a sec.”

I sit down anxiously shifting in my chair while Kerry continues working and arranging papers. I can feel my heart beating in my chest my breathing starts to quicken.

“Am I in trouble?” I think to myself.

Kerry then begins our meeting her voice welcoming and relaxed. I relax; my breathing calms and I feel much more comfortable as she talks. She then says the most amazing thing to me that I have ever heard her say:

“We would like you to be the new nursery manager at our new nursery The Abbey in Weaverham”.

I feel elated. Grinning from ear to ear I accept nearly jumping from my chair standing to hug her. She goes into more detail about the nursery and the plans as they stand. She discusses with me what my new role will be until the nursery opens and how I will train alongside the other nursery managers. I am so excited I can’t wait.

Sue Jones the nursery director and owner comes into the room asking if we are ready for the meeting with Adam and she passed Kerry plans for the new building. I am eager to see it. I feel like a child whose birthdays and Christmas have come at once. Kerry leads the way into Adams office. I take a seat unable to contain my excitement which is written all over my face. Adam goes into more depth about the plans and the layout of the nursery and how it will look. He then offers to take me to see the building.

“Yes please” is my quick answer.

When we arrive at the church I am in awe. It is a beautiful building that stands out on the little village road. I look around intently listening to Adam as he explains the building and how each room will be laid out. I can’t believe it. This is by far the best day of my professional life.

“I can’t wait till I get to come here every day” I think to myself, picturing myself behind the desk I have created in my imagination.

My day comes to a prosecco-filled end. I go to sleep that night thinking of all the wonderful new beginnings that are going to come my way. I feel excited and apprehensive about my new adventure and can’t wait to start my training with the other managers within the Evolution Childcare family.

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